EasyFrame Automated Layout System

Specifications & Features

Feature Spec. Details
Chassis / Frame Thickness - 3/16" (.188)
  • Heavy duty gauge steel used for both mobility and durability
File Types Import Saw File
  • Mitek™, Alpine™, Simpson™, Excel™(*Various Formats)
  • Shopnet.ehx, Plantnet.wbx, Virtek.xml, Excel™ cut lists *(works with many formats), estiframe.ezf
  • If another file format is needed it is highly-possible that we can create custom imports for your needs, just let us know and we'll try our best.
Printer 4" Single Print Head
  • Diagraph™ ITW™ IJ4000
  • Industrial Piezoelectric (Trident Impluse Jet), impulse jet
  • Self-sealing ink bottle fed
  • Pressurized, Sealed system similar to how a fuel injection sytsem works
Cutter *Various Saws Available
Chop Saw Vista™ M20 Miter Vista™ S20 Straight Cut Vista™ S24 Straight Cut
Auto-Cutting No Yes Yes Yes
Angles Manual 50deg. Automatic 73deg. None None
Blade Size 12" 20" 20" 24"
Cut Capacity 4x8 4x10, 6x8 4x10, 6x8 6x12
Electrical Req. 110v AC 240/480 3-Phase AC 240/480 3-Phase AC 240/480 3-Phase AC
Compressed Air Req. None 80 psi 80 psi 80 psi
Boards-Per-Run 3
  • Can cut and print on three boards-at-a-time
Feed Direction Left-To-Right / Right-To-Left
  • The feed direction can be set up for pushing the material through the cutting device from either left-to-right or right-to-left.
Ink Usage *Varies
  • Ink usage varies depending upon what is being printed, auto-clean cycles, etc.
  • Generally, one 1000mL bottle should last one shift of cutting approximately 100 days
Optimization Yes
  • Full optimization with customizable sorting configurations
Learning Curve Short / Easy
  • Typically, operators are comfortable running the machine with 30 minutes of instruction.
  • The EasyFrame™ software is very intuitive and user-friently with an "App-Style" of feel.
Scrap Cutting Yes / Integrated
  • Lists of items can be entered into a list which the saw can cut any potential remainders into.
Mobility & Installation Hours (Not Days)
  • The EasyFrame machine delivers with caster wheels attached for easy install and reloacting.
  • Leveling feet are used to raise the machine to level and off the transport wheels once in it's desired location.
  • Quick Disconnects - The drive belt, sensor cables, and power cables all have quick connect mechanisms for fast setup.
  • Heavy Frame & Webbed Legs - The frame structure is built like a floor truss and built from heavy steel required for a truly mobile system.
  • Shipping/Job Site Container - Some customers have had their EasyFrame saws installed in shipping/job site containers for mobility from job site to job site or within the job site.
Additional Options
  • Live Deck - A fully automated live deck system which can autofeed your pushing system with boards will be available in October of 2020. And, it can be added to an existing system.
  • Top-Down Printer - An additional, 4" printer can be added to print from above to print on the flat surface of the passing board such as the bottom of the bottom plate or top of the top plate.
Lead Times Typically 2-8 Weeks
  • Lead times vary depending on market conditions such as demand or other market conditions.
  • Usually Estiframe can deliver your machine within 5 weeks of the time the deposit is received.
  • Please check in with us regarding current lead times.